Friday, February 24, 2012

What A 48 Hours

Where to begin where to begin,Wednesday night we had a Thunderstorm,having Cable,Phone,and Internet with one Carrier may not be a great idea.We lost it all till late this morning,at which time Tornado Warnings and one spotted,didn't touch down thank goodness,which I got it all back on after our last round this morning.Not been into a whole lot,just been doing some tatting,should have done more,but my heart and soul have not been very cooperative right now,think it is the Barometric pressure doing a number on me.My Youngest Daughter celebrated her 30th Birthday on Thursday,and that just makes me feel older,lololo.But I hope everyone has a great weekend,I got some posting to do,smile ok.


  1. I love the little tutu that your daughter cute! I have three little nieces that would look so sweet with one of these! Have a great weekend and thanks for coming by my blog! I am smiling...

    1. Jean if you would like I will have my daughter to give you the instructions on how to make the tutus.