Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Week

Good Morning,the sun is trying to shine,oh please.The weekend was painful one,but I trudged through it.Spent alot of time in my room.I guess I think if I am out of sight,out of mind,but last night Lilly my granddaughter who lives with us ask me why I moved the rocker out of the living room into my room,forget that idea. My birds were here for a few minutes,they know I am trying to get a picture of them,smarter and faster than me.Got plans of what needs done here,doesn't mean it will get done,just have plans lolololo. Still trying to talk my husband to lets get out of town,getting no where here.I found an old road map I am going to redo a wooden chair in,decoupage it.Another plan for my week.I try to put a few small things out there,most of time can't get it done,but I am setting goals,do them till I do get it done. Just hope ALL have a Very Blessed WEEK,and I love each and everyone,just do not agree with my enemies.

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