Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Morning,and I will say that anyway,was up several times,one of those lovely nights that MSers' have,but anyway I do not see my birds,well GOD'S creations,it is once again overcast but should be clear later,for Christy  I am going   to try to get  a picture of them,rem. I am not fast,lolololo,and with that here is something I saw on Pinterest that I plan on doing for Valentine's Day,  I have the white chocolate Almond Bark,going to blow up balloons and dip in the bark,for Candy Bowls,no the temp can't be hot,gotta work on that,and THE GROUND HOG SAW HIS SHADOW,no no no,lolololo and don't forget, SMILE,believe me it is hard today but we can.

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