Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beautiful Day

The weather has been like me lately,unsettled,can't decide if sunny,nice,or cold and just cold.But today was really nice and very sunny,but tomorrow rain again.Did not get anything around the home done,did go over a little with a second coat of paint in my granddaughter's room,only one wall to go with 2 coats,painting pink over white,and still have to do a second coat.Going to get a quilt out tomorrow and might get in a stitch or 2,hopefully.Got to get a card made or 2 for 3 family members next week,my dad will be 80 and a 2 time cancer survivor,colon and lung.Now that is reason enough every year to celebrate,and our family does make a big to do over birthdays.The Lord blessed us and we in return celebrate life each year.My granddaughter's recently deceased Nana would want to sleep through hers,I never understood that.With my MS I expect to kick up my heals as long as I can.Guess I should shut up,it has been a long tiring day,but my MS isn't going to win this week,lololo so remember SMILE,I just might be the one you pass on the street to make my day.

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