Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ok today is yucky,Rain,Rain,and more Rain.Can't get motivated for anything.Need to sew,but my MS is making my head feel like I am going around and around,even sitting here typing.But it will pass and then I will jump lololo sure into it.I have to find something funny or I would just be another statistic,and I will and have never allowed this since it went full blown in 2003,the year I was finally diagnosed.Still haven't gotten to Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Which is good,now I want to learn to Tat.I am going to give it a shot,and I believe I will enjoy it since I love doilies.Whenever I get to go antiquing that is always something I purchase.They make great                             little gifts and can be framed.And also you know how it is when you have feeling and signs,well this week everyday the good LORD was preparing me for something else,and there has been tragedy in our family.We know when it happens we should wake up,I have learned to listen to it,to many times I didn't.But being wiser and older has surely also helped.So always listen to that inner self. I also hope everyone has a blessed day and remember SMILE.

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