Friday, April 6, 2012


This picture was taken Saturday evening as we were watching a storm go just northeast from our home.My husband took this,and all week that picture has been "eating" at me.I feel like the inside of the cloud is each of us,We are ALL beautiful people with something we are hiding and fighting,but beautiful WE are.The outside is those of US who are fighting an illness.For instance MS.WE have are dark moments trying to keep them away from attacking our inside,trying to keep it from bringing us down,trying to fight it from attacking us and not be a storm inside of us making us dark and allowing it to hide from the rest of the world.And all week I have FOUGHT a fight,doing little projects,but I am FIGHTING,not going to let the storm attack my part of my world,have struggled all week,but I have prevailed,and will continue to,so please DO NOT give up,one of my FRIENDS have told me this week we will make a pact,and I hope each one of you will join us,make a PACT that whatever it is YOU will stand strong with us and win whatever your battle is.

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