Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Time Reading

Thought I might get some attention with the title,but I bought "Living Well Emotionally" by Montel Williams,I had not read it and it wasn't available at our Library,but when I get through with it I am going to donate it.And everyday I plan on adding one of his seven "Insights for Living Well".
The first one is "You own the definition of you,and you control the power of your own happiness.You are who you think you are,and you are as happy as you think you are."
I took my daughters advice and started this blog,they told me to do something,that I needed to again.I love my granddaughters,and they are my life,but I DID need something for myself,and this BLOG gave me the insight again of what all I had given up,WHY? Multiple Sclerosis.
I don't care now who makes fun of me for going to the DOLLAR Store,or seeing a beautiful piece of furniture beside the road to be trashed when we can make something new and ALIVE again.I have been sewing again,something I thought I could never love to do again,been doing my flowers again,not Weddings,but my personal enjoyment.
So this is my first INSIGHT of not only Living Well, but LIVING period.

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