Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not Much

I haven't got to read any of Montel Williams book since Sunday night,but his number two is as follows:The Power to conquer sadness and depression,and achieve happiness,lies inside you,Therapists and medications and external forces can make a difference,but the ultimate power belongs to you,nobody else.You are the master of your emotional destiny.
Also another reason why I decided to blog,and why I was shown by chance to learn to Tat.I had to have a direction out of my internal depression other than a pill.I HAD to find a happy place in my life once again.I HAD to find the other ultimate power to make it through MY day.The days belong to each of us,and WE have to find that place.
We have had to go through heck once again in this household,but me sewing again helped me and my daughter,her moving she needed curtains,me sewing again,I made her bedroom curtains.So once again Life Can Be Simple,it is how each ONE of us chose to do it,and living with MS can be hard enough.

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