Friday, April 27, 2012

As anyone with MS knows STRESS and MS do not go together.This has been a rough week and as far as months go April has sucked pretty much.It is so hard to keep faith and hope when things go as bad as they have,but with every dark cloud there is a Silver Lining.Haven't got to read the book of Montel Williams'.That will happen next week I hope.Found a book of prayers one of my granddaughters' late nana gave me,Simple  Prayers for Women,and it has helped me,and I have had to ask the good LORD to forgive me everyday,and that is the truth,so yesterday it finally did come to me that the problem is ruling my life,and not good,so I am freeing myself from it.And I have made a few things along just to keep my mind busy.
I hope and pray EVERYONE has a great weekend and hopefully I will get out tomorrow to relieve some of this stress and give it all to HIM.
And I guess some have thought I forgot but please give to the American Red Cross and SMILE!!!!

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