Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Woo Be Wednesday and Trash Treasures

Ok I know that you guys who are following me know that I had a glorious Saturday,well guess what I haven't had that day again,but it has not been a total wash-out.Sunday and Monday well lets just say normal,normal for those who have MS.We woke Sunday morning to find another of our neighbors giant Pine Trees had fallen down.Didn't hit either house,thank goodness,but all of them are going,they have no root system,can't figure that one out either.Then that was all,and thank goodness.I have just been "chillin" making the "girls" their skirts,3 down 1 to go.And I went and checked on my parents yesterday(Tuesday) and boy oh boy I got lucky.Was on my way back home,driving down one of the streets minding my own business listening to the radio wishing I was with my daughter and granddaughter(tell you later) where they were,a HEADBOARD and FOOTBOARD,a PRODUCE Cart,there beside the street waiting on the trash truck,lolololo if my husband finds out I Blogged this,well he is so embarrased about MY trash PICKING.So anyway had to go and turn around and make sure yes sir there they layed MINE for the taking,hahhaha.So I put on the signal,stopped the "mamaw van" opened the hatch and side door and slid that baby in the van,YES,hahahaha so wow-be-me,another project whenever the good LORD sees fit for me to feel well enough to do that one.And both have the roll typed style at the top of each so will make a great bench or swing.And even thou I feel like "I have been plucked and ready for the pot" I would have loved to been with my daughter and granddaughter,Charleston SC baby,yes Charleston,my future home,fingers and toes crossed.I think seeing the water and letting it take my issues out to sea would have been the right prescription,but maybe later.The other 2 older little girls had volleyball and indoor soccer tournaments,so more of those tomorrow night,wooo weee go girls.And with all of this great weather we are having is the chance of Storms,and that means tornado watches and warnings.Please take these serious when they are posted,takes only a minute for one to destroy a community,and we have got to watch for the Pines to not fall anymore.Hope everyone has a great day,and hope ALL YOUR Treasures are as Grand as mine.You never know what is that trash heap down the street,hahahaha.

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