Sunday, April 15, 2012

PROUD of Hubby

I am now an official Trash Picker,and PROUD of it,last week I picked up a headboard and footboard someone had sit out for the trash pickup,guess what I got it,and now it is official a beautiful bench,and I am now an official trash PICKER.From now on if I see anything again I will stop or have someone to get the Trash for me.And the best part my husband wasn't so keen on the idea until now.He did end up doing most of the work,I did some sanding,but we have a new outdoor bench which I still need to get a stencil but I am posting pics He used 1x2's and 2x4's for some of the support,and we primed it all except the seat part,and they were purchased preprimed so it just required painting(1x2's).and he used wood screws to attach it all.Love it.....and we only have not even $30, and the produce crate was an easy do,picked it up at the same place,it only needed painted.,going to use it to hold flower pots with beautiful flowers,So please if  like you can  leave a comment....Signed the TRASH PICKER

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