Tuesday, April 17, 2012

With Every New Chapter

The bench was such a good project for my husband and myself.I have made several pair of earrings from Tatting,which also has helped me take my mind off of "Stuff".One thing about it those of us who suffer from MS sure know have to take the punches and throw back rotten tomatoes and eggs back at situations.We know anyway everyday can be different or we can be the same rotten way for days.And no matter what LIFE throws at any us it WILL make us stronger.I will make it through these rotten days,not from MS but from other LIFE LESSONS.I am thankful for these days,reminded me why 12 years ago I cried forever.And we knew these days were going to be ahead of us,like I said Thankful.
And now the weather was nice,but now rain and cool temps so I guess I will wait to get new potting soil and plants for all my empty flower pots.But my Peonys' are ready and the Iris are blooming,which with GOD'S hands all is under control even OUR situations.
So please remember that DO something to take your mind off of your problems do something,read a book,do something because believe me It MAKES LIFE SIMPLE,even if it is only for a little while.And remember to smile,it maybe me you pass on the street or in a center,maybe not,but remember to smile,please.

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