Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday Madness

Actually is wasn't a bad Saturday,for me it was busy,and I got out of bed early,for anyone with MS knows that is a feat in itself.The husband was in a mood to go to the flea market and the weather was great for it,nice and temps in the 70's.The best part was we went to 2,and he enjoyed it.I did miss some of the vendors,I am still having trouble walking but it was awesome.Our special purchases were a huge luggage that we are going to make a table out of,a chest of drawers that was perfect,not one speck of scratches or anything,best part $5.00,yes and the Samsonite luggage was only $2.00,plus we saw a BENCH made from a baby bed headboard and footboard that I have been trying to get him into making one.We have an old babybed from our 1st granddaughter that will be 10 in June,well he has agreed to help make one,pics when we get started.And the best part of the day a Household Shower for an old friend of the families daughter,our girls grew up with each other,and it was so great to see them ALL again in one place,for me it was like a reunion,and we have agreed we have got to start meeting again every so often,So another MEMORY for me,and LOVED it.So please the next time someone wants you to get out,GO,you don't have to tread every step,scout out with your eyes if anything catches you and go down that row or however,but DO IT,Life is tooooooooo short not to,and enjoy your surroundings,SMILE,and I bet you will get a great deal.But ANYWAY,I hope and pray that you enjoy the rest of the weekend and had as great one as I have,HAPPY APRIL to everyone and SMILE!!!!Oh and the BEST part was I spent the day with my little girls also and the BIG 1 year old is walking,wo be to us,lololo.

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