Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I have  the first  song on my Blog for a reason, I like Audrey Hepburn in the movie(Breakfast at Tiffany's),have to be my age or older to know the movie, love going window shopping,and want to see the world,even with this disease they call MS,there is alot of world to see,.And another song I love is The Story by Brandi Carlile.All these lines on my face will stay because each one does have a story.Like the seasons seems like each one in my life have a tale to tell,which I do want to journal for my granddaughters one day to read and be proud of their grandmother for doing and going through for a reason.I will continue to push myself,I have to, I hope to see them make it out of this mess,and HAVE a GREAT Life even with all they have right now going against them.All to often we forget their feelings (children and granddchildren),not me I don't think,everything I do for them,so what I guess I am trying to say LIVE YOUR LIVES,find a simple way if possible.

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