Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My dryer has been dying on me for a couple of weeks,and if anyone has a husband like mine who I now know is either STONE Deaf,or doesn't want to hear,but it would sound like a space rocket going out into space,well no longer does it.I think we can lay it to rest.But that isn't all,I was doing my second load with 2 more to go,and  yelp she went,and I went,outside to HANG 4 LOADS of laundry.And I will NOT do that again,tonight is utter exhaustion.But the wonderful part was today was HIS DAY OFF,oh aren't we lucky.So really I am not sure if he just don't care or don't hear,either way this is all I have to say today.So good-night all,I will drag on here MAYBE tomorrow.

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