Monday, May 7, 2012

The Weekend

Well  it is a start of another week,and it is so pretty here.The weekend brought visitors from Atlanta Georgia,my granddaughters' other grandfather and uncle.And she had a great weekend  with them,and I was happy to see them knowing how she feels about him since loosing her Nana earlier this year,and it really seemed to help him also.I again never really got much accomplished,still recovering from my wicked fall,and still   very sore.And now my finger hurts worse since the swelling is going out of it.
I did get started on a quilted table runner.And I have got to get out this afternoon because it is my mothers' 72nd birthday.I had all intention of getting the table runner ready for her birthday but with company I don't think  so.
And with company this weekend it made me miss  Nana Pat,we had such good times when we got together.We would laugh, cry and then laugh more for crying.But I do miss her so much and miss having visitors like we use to.It was all worth it now,and I even knew it back when.It is a shame that we NEVER  have to enjoy company and take the time now,but with the loss of loved ones that usually happens.And Nana Pat miss you again,I know they wanted to come and see little Ms Lil  before the next weekend being Mother's Day.
Got to get busy for the next weekend if at all possible,got to get a dryer,since mine has also expired.And with whatever you have this week,be it working,crafting,or hopefully enjoying LIFE,remember to stop and smell the flowers and then Smile!!!

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