Friday, May 11, 2012

Have to Share

I try to stay positive,and the last few weeks have been rough,but we will not cross that road  now,but anyway my family got me to go out  to dinner with live entertainment and then we went to a live street band concert.It all was great,UNTIL I ran into one of my old friends from my work days.People like I said the other day can be so uneducated about a disease,and I let her make me feel so bad,because I  can no longer work.Well having MS and having spinal cord injury from an auto accident(the idiot passed my husband in a curve on a 2 lane highway and  not knowing I had to stop for another accident at an excessive speed).But anyway my daughter told me that people like that have NO IDEA and not to let that stop me from getting back out again,but well butt,lololo Why can't people just leave their big mouths shut???? Sorry had to vent.

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