Friday, May 4, 2012

If Anyone Has MS_____

If anyone has MS knows that falling is a fact of life,well I did that just last night,and hard.I tried to catch myself with the Dining Room Table,big MISTAKE,have a nice deep bruise on my left arm,cuts and a sprained finger on my right,and knee,well it is cut and swollen.TODAY I did nothing,and I mean nothing.I have got so much to do for Mothers' Day,and my mom's birthday is Monday,so I have got to feel better.I have a doily only half made,which is better than half not,lololo so I have got to get my right hand going at some point this weekend.But I have got my Facebook page up and going finally.I had thought and thought and figured I would finally,I am so tired of Facebook,but if I can get more help I will and hope I do.I want to keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE with all this and even with the set back last night I know I will get busy.I have got Sachet bags to make from burlap and quilting material,earrings to make,but I know I can do it,I have as my husband says,"the BIG MAN" upstairs behind me and to guide me.My flowers are doing so good,and yes I talk to them.So HOPE and PRAY all have a great weekend I plan to make pics and put on here what I get done this weekend.And Remember the AMERICAN RED CROSS,they really need it this time of year,and Rem. if I can still SMILE after being down you can too. )

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