Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nothing New

Today was a very to normal day for me.The only task I did was to cut a "new" shirt for a granddaughter to wear to a school program this week.Yes had to cut a new shirt up,it is a country-western themed program so the only "plaid" top was in the Ladies section,size small.I cut 5 inches or more off the bottom so she could wear another top under it and roll the "new" one up at the bottom,so yes school systems you are not the only one who had work to do,plus she knew "mamaw" could make it better for the program.We make alot of Halloween costumes and have made other outfits for other programs work better.
Yesterday evening I did some "Cleaning" under our deck,it has 2 swings and is much cooler under there than on the deck.And when there is a nice breeze it is so nice under there for me.We use it so much more than our deck,guess you can call it our patio.It has pea-gravel and we keep our smoker under there also with other outdoor furniture.Even with a screened in porch on the deck,we love and use the area so much more.Got to get  more annuals for my baskets and going to fill up our small pond liner with dirt and put annuals in it,I know I said we don't use alot of annuals,we don't and having them in certain areas is the main idea also,less foot-steps the better for me.So this weekend it is back to either the home-garden store or to the home-town feed store,which I do prefer,helping the small business person is the WHOLE idea when we can.
And again I ask that you donate to the American Red Cross,I am not affliated with them in any way,just do know they are ALWAYS the first there,and with all the tornadoes please remember.Plus they do help get any service personal home when there is immediate death in the family.PLUS Smile,because GOD does love you.

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