Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy and Down

Have been sort of busy,for me normally.Nothing really,  just seem to not find a way to find something finished that I start.My mother's birthday was Monday,made her the doily,my second and last for awhile.Been working on trying to start on tatted earrings for my daughters for Mother's day.Made a quilted table runner finally,and just trying to figure out how to get one thing done to get started on the 2nd.Any suggestions??? School on the last few days,more to do,will have my granddaughter home more,which is ever so fine to me,love her company.Life seems to be pretty simple if I can just get my timing on the right schedule,think it is just that I want to escape from town and really pretty much need to.Got a cabin reserved for Memorial Day Weekend and that can't be soon enough.
Pretty much over my fall,the bruise on my arm still looks pretty wicked,but the finger and knee are almost healed,got to get the ole cane out again,even thou people give you that look,sure what's your problem.And really it is a disgusting look sometime.I know that there are alot of well lets say UNEDUCATED people who have no idea what MS is and causes,but will leave that for that for now.

And remember the American Red Cross with all the tornadoes and all.And most of all SMILE.

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