Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Know Why

It has been a good couple of days,went to my favorite stores here in our town,and I do hope and wish more People would buy local,mine is the Antique Stores we have here,made in AMERICA,and love Vintage.I guess  you can see I am a "Antique Store Junkie".But that's alright better than alot of other things.
And I am very Thankful for Everyday I have good,in fact VERY VERY Thankful for them.We can ask ourselves "Why We Are Dealt The Hand We Are Dealt",but what we must do is be Thankful for any good day,no matter WHO you are.
In the last couple of months I have found myself to be ALOT more Mellow than I use to be,must be an age think,but I have to take care of myself and be here for my granddaughters.I told one of my daughters a little while ago,"I never thought when I was 32 that I would be in the position I am in at 52."I just thought my husband and I would enjoy life in our 50's and 60's but hey we can't question why,we just have to accept what is and go forth from that.
I went to Hobby Lobby and spent a gift card I got for Mother's Day eagerly,lololo but I sure do need to get some items made before I go and buy anything else,so this week I will eagerly be busy. I hope all are eagerly as busy as I hope to be.

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