Friday, May 18, 2012

Found It Funny

Yesterday was a good day,went to a couple Thrift Stores,yes the best place ever,and found picture frames,one was brand new,and with granddaughters you gotta have alot of frames.Went to one of my favorite Antique Stores, got a RED bowl to go with my table and other Red items in my kitchen and of course some great Fabric pieces again.
Then this morning went with my daughter to get the piece for the dryer,whoppeeee,but wasn't too bad going to laundry mat or hanging clothes out on the line,esp. bed linens,so nice to crawl into a fresh clean sheet set that was hung out on the line.But the picture caught her eye,we laughed and the sign is still out there,hope you get a laugh out of it,we did.   ;)

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