Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Week,Please LORD no more DEVASTION

I am so hoping and praying that this wild weather we have had has disappeared for a few.Got to get the house straightened up,dust and such,it is to be so pretty this week and hope to open the windows and get the winter out of this house and let spring make her entrance.Got to get this done so I can get my tatting skills started,do not want to forget what I have learned.Haven't watched much news this weekend,so tired of hearing about Birth Control and Viagra.I strongly believe in Birth Control,but also BELIEVE that so many of my friends be allowed to get their meds at a more reasonable cost.If you ever and pray you don't get diagnosed with a disease you will find out the injustice brought about with pharmaceutical companies and prescriptions for our daily need.But enough of this also.I have to make a bucket list of what I plan on getting made,that is something I desperately need to do.And the ones that my husband will have to help with,he will I hope,lololo.I just realized I am sitting here with my headphones on and no music,lolololo ok is this what my week is going to be like,lolololo.But it is very chilly today,but tomorrow around 60 so need to get my lists made the dusting done and yes tonight work on my tatting.I pray that everyone has a better week and please remember to smile,no matter what someone else may be going through give them a SMILE and a HUG,and I just bet you will feel better also,so with that and being all over the place today and ole yes please give to the AMERICAN RED CROSS,any amount small or big can help,and even take items to an organization or church for these poor Tornado Victims,it will be greatly appreciated,something everyone can do,clean your closet out and do something good for someone else.HUGS and SMILES

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