Saturday, March 3, 2012

Storms,Tornadoes,and Snow,and Please Give to the Red Cross

Yesterday was one of those days and nights.Started out warm,then cold and the warm,and then cold,why,ok yesterday morning the storms pushed the warm air ahead,then it stormed and hailed,then cold,then came Tornado warnings till 11pm.We were lucky,very lucky considering in areas all around us,destruction and death,terrible losses.My daughter and her 3 daughters, my granddaughters, came and spent the night with us,her husband is in law enforcement and knew he would be called out if there were any to touch down,luckly not.We went to our basement twice last night in the event the funnel cloud did touch down that was spotted.This got all the girls hyper even the 11 month old,so I did not get in the bed till around 3 am,they got me so wound up,or the weather I should say that I got into so much pain going down and up the steps and trying to keep them calm,but all is well and like I said we were so fortunate unlike the neighboring counties and states.If anyone reads this,and I hope someone is, say prayers for everyone so touched by the devastation.And now after 60-70 degree temps this past week snow tomorrow (Sunday) and night,into Monday morning.The weather here is showing us mother nature still shows us not to mess with her.But with all the commotion and the pain I haven't been doing much other than making some tats so I hope to get my first doily done the first of the week,was planning for today as the date but not with everything going on.And please don't forget that this is MS AWARENESS MONTH.And I just smiled(hubby has a chip bag) and not being very quiet,lolololo but rem. to smile,and if you see someone who needs a HUG please do,there is such sorrow right now here and in our area,reach out to them please.Make a contribution if at all possible to the Red Cross,it is surely needed for those victims.

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