Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Roundabout

One thing about living my life or anyone who lives with a dybilitating disease you never know what a new day brings,and we always have to be prepared,and I was.Got up early with my world famous headache,one of my major symptoms of MS,lesions,I am always prepared,stayed up and took all the meds that needed,got the old ice pack and back to bed.After 2 hours of sleeping I woke and being numb,which is better than the pain.Got plains thou,can't keep a good woman down,ha,going to work on a necklace that I started on late last night,I sit down and thought ok get your groove on and do this Lisa,and I did,so now I have plans for the day,doing nothing but work on that.With that I had not heard of making your own fabric sheet that will last for around 40 loads.My oldest daughter shared this idea with me,and of course I am going to try it.I have soaked a washcloth and it is almost air-dryed,the key after your soak it in fabric softener.I will update you on this when I do the laundry again.And also a reminder to anyone that March is MS Awareness Month,I guess with my pain I remembered this again. And the weather is great,cooler today,typical March in the southeast for this time of year,but so hoping we get all the pine needles out of the flower beds in the next few days,had to protect my prennials from the winter,I have a lovely tropical hibiscus that we have to protect,she gets over 6 foot tall and is always so full of beautiful red blooms.So that is a task that is so enjoyable and I love to work with my husband doing this,he loves our flowers also.So I truly hope everyone has a great weekend,I sure plan on a lovely peaceful weekend,no storms,no snow just quiet time,and REMEMBER change your clocks Saturday night if it pretains to you,so off I go and please do one thing for me,"Smile" if I can there are no excuses.

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