Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thankful Saturday

I had promised my granddaughter that lives with us that I would take her to the Library,and with my headache almost gone,I got her down there.It is so nice,but back to where I started.We got to the library,found her "chapter books",she is past her AR goal so now she is reading big girl books for a 7 yr old,lololo and I am so proud of her and the other 2 granddaughters also,whom have met their AR goals,but now back,we walked out of the library and it felt so nice we walked down the street just to do some window shopping at the antique stores here,and we do have some of the best.We turned down at 3/4 way down the street we turned and went into one I had not been in for ages,I hit the jack pot,upholstery,material,panels,grain sack material,yes heaven for me,hahaha.I found the panels that I have pictures of,just used pinking shears for the trim and with the molding in my sunroom I figured out the easiest way,push pins,yes push pins.I took and folded over the tops with that used pins and they were hid.So no curtain rods,not unsightly rod holders,just some push pins hid.So another way to make life Simple.I got to get out,got to walk and found another great deal,( very BIG DEALS) my valances cost $1.00 yes life is good.I hope all of you guys have had so far an enjoyable Saturday as I have,and yes I have SMILED very much today and hope to continue.There are so many great ideas we just have to keep finding them and come up with ingenious ways to do it and it doesn't have to cost a arm and a leg.I also got 2 books on Tatting,been using a needle but have to learn to use the shuttle,and I hope to learn how.The weather is suppost to continue to be pretty here for a few days and going to get the flower beds raked out and see just what is sprouting through.My lillys are up and got to see what all I need to replace,hopefully everything will come back since we have had a above normal temps this winter.So off I am got to try to get inspired again.Have a wonderful day to you all and rem.Smile and this is MS AWARENESS MONTH.

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