Friday, March 30, 2012


I put that word up there,"Yesterday" because I didn't have alot to say.I did get "some" cleaning on the house,not alot,and I did do some needle tatting,still no sewing.And today doesn't seem to be a day for sewing either.You know I am so glad for my "Yesterdays",I have so many fond memories of my life when the girls were younger and in the school-day years.Even then I had "those" days,when my husband thought I was being a total "Witch",and neither of us knowing what was causing THOSE days,but they were few and getting out with the family, camping,4-wheeling-fishing-bike riding,gosh did I mention I had a LIFE,with YESTERDAY,a few years ago,as a matter of fact before Dec 2002,but thank goodness for all those YESTERDAY MEMORIES.And why have I posted this,PLEASE if you can have a LIFE get out and MAKE MEMORIES.I LOVE mine,and I am so glad my daughters pushed me to get back into doing things that I truly love to do,and a new found project of needle tatting.I love it,and just really doing things right now to practice,waiting on me to do better,and I will,I can't give up on it,just like I can't give up on Living,and the main reason for this Blog,Life Can Be Simple,and remember even the simplist of tasks or whatever you enjoy is a memory,and it is going to be in the past,YESTERDAY,a memory.What is the name of the song,Memory,yes by Barbara Streisand,Life Was Beautiful Then,and I am trying to still have a memory for tomorrow.Today I got to go out and have lunch with my 2 daughters and my big one year old granddaughter,and what a memory I already do have,it was such a nice time had by all 4 of us.So see we can all have a good memory even in the worst of times.And yes I have changed,but we all have,not just by a disease by different circumstances.But please lets all have our Yesterdays and our memories.

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