Thursday, March 1, 2012


I hope everyone will remember this all month about MS Awareness,with that what a 24 hours,Tornado Watches all day till 9 pm,then at 12 midnight we got a call from one of my daughters that now we were in a Tornado Warning and living 5 minutes from the state of Virginia we were in the path,well thank goodness only some wind,hail and flooding rain for a little while,and we did not get to back to sleep till after 1 am due to another line of thunderstorms heading our way,this one not as bad.I feel so bad for all those who lost family members to this storm system.We only in the past couple of years are now considered to live in "Tornado Alley".Last year in the next county in Virginia a whole Community was demolished and 2 counties from us here in TN. another county lost an entire community.Sure not ready for all this and it not spring yet,if anyone lives in these areas where tornadoes hit please make preparations now and go to centers that open up,do not stay if you have no basement or a concrete room to go to,we call them cellars or "dairy's" here,a room dug out of the ground covered with the ground on 3 sides and a block roof. I haven't tatted today,got to make a few more (10) flowers to have enough for my first doily,YAH So please everyone Smile and have a great day!!!!! :)

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