Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Wonderful Spring Day

I feel like I let the weather really get to me over the weekend,so much devastation,but now today is going to be a lot warmer,in the upper 50's,and maybe today I will get the webs out of my brain and get to something new today,I do think it will happen.March is MS Awareness month,and that bothers me that I haven't really seen anything other than what those of us suffer with it have provided.I guess it is like alot of ways like my extended family see things,if you don't see it then it isn't there,you know what I mean.But that is ok too,as long as someone keeps it out there maybe the rest will follow sometime along the way.My husband is working nights this week along with his full-time day job,and I really miss him here of the night changing the channel to something and then going to sleep,haha.But hope all of you guys remember to give to the American Red Cross,this is close to my heart also for donations,one may never know when the Red Cross will cross into your life.Have a great day,and remember to smile. )

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog and I hope you are feeling well today. I didn't know March is MS month and yes, it needs to be more publicized. I will be doing a post on it and referring bloggers to your blog, (if that's OK). Have a nice day and I will smile, you, too!