Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today I have had a heavy heart.With all the destruction from the tornadoes I had hope that the baby they found would survive,but the good LORD knew it should be in Heaven with its family.There was so much destruction,and some in my area,but nothing like in Indiana.And now with all that we are under Winter Weather Advisory,snow.The poor people having to deal with all the destruction now have to deal with the snow.I have not been in any mood to do anything with tatting.But I know that my "Life Is Simple"living with a debilitating disease,it is the devastation and not having control over it is what makes all the other things so hard.We have to remember to pray for all those families and the loved ones who have lost family and friends this past week.We have to remember not to take each other for grant and to respect and love each other,we never know,we can't be mean and evil tongues to others,it may be the last time we see each other,and yes "Life Can Be Simple" when we remember to respect acknowledge and love each other.With that I will close but remember to give to the Red Cross.

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