Thursday, March 15, 2012

What Could Be Better

Anyone with MS knows we can't take the cold or the extreme heat very well,and with the temps in the 70's it has been a paradise here.I have gotten out this week and soaked up the Vitamin D,something that is very essential for those who suffer with it also.And today I got to enjoy my day with the baby in the family,and in a few days she will be one,where does time go.I have so enjoyed her today and then we met up with my daughter and other 2 for a nice supper.And also today I got to work on my tatting,I have made really good progress with this,must be the awesome weather.I can sit outside and also enjoy doing this.We made the Rice Pudding yesterday and I have to say it really turned out well.It has to be the weather doing this to me .I have got some major sewing to do when the weather changes back to what winter we have left and I am quiet sure that it will let us know that.I have to get my shower and window burlap curtains made,got to find a trim to go with them,husband's input on that,and you know he has some pretty good ideas.I guess living in a house full of females (4) sisters and a mom he does have that experience and living with me and his daughters also,which my son-in-law has really good taste also of what decor should look like.With that we are getting out of town I do believe this weekend,the Bristol RACES are this weekend and when you only live 20 miles from the track that is still to close for all the traffic,fans,and more traffic.It's either that or we get to the grocery stores tomorrow and stay at home till late Sunday.But I do believe a quick trip to the mountain sounds really really good,since I have felt so good,you take it when you get it.And who knows I may find a good idea or two for some more work to do.I have been taking pictures of all the new spring blooms and will post them later this weekend,hope to get some more.I love all the blooming trees and plants this time of year,one thing we are blessed with here with all four seasons.Hope everyone has a great weekend,remember it is MS AWARENESS Month,don't forget the American Red Cross either,they are really a great organization there when you really need them,and also please smile,) it does help.And I hope you guys read this will say a prayer for a friend of mine's son,Sandra is such a sweet lady,raised her children well,and he is only 33 or so and has been diagnosed with Colon and Liver Cancer,please I know they are heard,and like I said they are hard working good Christian people.

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