Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have 3 Today

This morning I woke and had 3 new little girls this am.My other 3 granddaughters,who are out for Spring Break,so not going to get much done today,and that is ok.I love MOON RIVER,and the 5 of us,my other granddaughter that lives with me have more to see.Yesterday was glorious,the temps were in the low 70's,made what turned out to be a pair of earrings with my tatting,they both turned out just alike,lololo.And today I plan on giving my entire day after this to my granddaughters.Right now the 11 month has my shuttle,maybe she can teach me,still tatting using the needle and still love it.So maybe tonight will add to it,and please everyone rem.IT IS MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS MONTH,AND PLEASE GIVE WHAT YOU CAN TO THE RED CROSS,BUT MOST OF ALL PLEASE SMILE,YOU KNOW IT CAN CATCH ON. )

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