Monday, March 12, 2012

Let The Winter Out

What can one say when they had a day like today except Thank you.Thank you for giving us such a wonderful day to open doors and windows and to let the winter escape.I know it is still winter,spring in a week or so,and we can still have snow,but my oh my to have the new in again.We never realize just what it can mean until we have these days.I started last night cutting the strips from my canvas ribbon for my Easter wreath.I got lucky after Christmas because I felt like going to the first day that Hobby Lobby had their Christmas decor 90% off,and they had one roll of pink,yes shiny pink,ideal for a Easter Wreath.So I got it cut up and tied on to a grapevine wreath I had.I made pics and will post at a later date,probably tomorrow.But I hope everyone enjoyed their day as much as I did.

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