Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two for Tuesday and Celebrities

I always wanted to do this,lololo so here it is 2 for Tuesday,nothing I absolutely did nothing twice,lololo I am feeling better,so who cared if I did nothing,I did not feel like struggling so I did not take the chance of messing up and with feeling the way I did for 2 weeks I deserved today,or at I thought so anyway.Last night I did however make the Burlap Shower Curtain and window Curtain for my bathroom,I made before and after shots of them so I will post them in a day or 2,I tried to needle tat today,and thought bologna,I am not even going to do that today.I did get out and go to the grocery store today with the hubby,first time in a few weeks for that even,but he was off today so I went,I guess that counts for something,ahh nay not really.He even cooked out our dinner,and it was yummy,we use to do this year round,but it had been since last fall that we even had done that. This morning or yesterday morning I was watching the news and it showed Madonna's daughter smoking,well folks wake up,she is a kid,and yes kids are "Normal",I'm not saying it is right,I am saying she is probably a normal 15 year old teenager.I was never one of those "Oh my daughters will never do that" or "my daughters would never" I was one of those "mothers" who said NEVER SAY NEVER.They were very normal girls and still are,both being mothers,and they both know that their daughters may try something as smoking,just as long as it isn't BATH SALTS.So ALL YOU DO-GOODERS OUT THERE,THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAN SMOKING CIGARETTES.And sure it is a stage thing anyway.You know I feel sorry for celebrity kids,they are constantly being watched,like the kids of Preachers.You know the ones they say are meaner than any other kid,not,I personally know this,lolololo, I was into much more than the ones I knew,yelp I was normal also.So if anyone reads this and you think,"Oh my Kids WOULD NEVER",I will be not the only one who says yeah right.So I was glad my parents and my husband and I are just "PLAIN FOLK". So there you have it,I did nothing and feel sorry for Celebrity kids,2 for TUESDAY..

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