Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday and REDBOOK

Going to start with today was really nice,husband was off,the weather was really nice until just a few and now it is raining.We had our 11 month old granddaughter,and yes we are beat,hahaha.But like the rest she is a joy to be around,makes you smile to see those little teeth and her whole face just lights up when she smiles.Makes my heart even smile.There is a big difference when you have children than your grandchildren.Last night I read an article in the February issue of Redbook,the article VOWS 2.0,the one under Dearest Husband I Promise" not to show the picture where our Daughter painted your toenails" this reminds me of my husband,with our daughters and yes now our granddaughters,hahaha, I didn't think to take pictures but now I will,our granddaughters especially one loves nail polish,and she loves painting everyone's nails,even "papaw",and he loves it too,let me explain,he gets a manicure and pedicure,he doesn't get the nails polished only his toenails,hahahah in clear polish,he says after standing 12 hours a day most of the week he loves it.So yes readers of Redbook there could be pictures,and if there are love every minunte of it,just think you are not the only one.So with that have a very blessed evening.I hope you are still smiling.

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