Monday, March 26, 2012

Something New and Granddaughter's First Celebration

Yesterday was a better day,one better than has been.I needle tatted another necklace,this one white with pink beads,will make pictures when I get the bracelet and earrings done,which may be a few days,got to get the burlap shower curtain and window curtain made.But All in All I do feel better this am,pray that it continues.I take a supplement that an ingredient comes from Jelly-Fish,and I had ran out for a couple of weeks,and now after 6 days back on it I am feeling better.I don't know if it is that or mind over matter,but it doesn't matter to me as long as I get well enough to feel like getting creative again.I don't know if I mentioned or not last week but had the hubby toke me to a antique store that I found that also sells fabric,yeah,I got my burlap and what they call domestic to get some more work done,and thought it would bring me out of this stooper,lolololo maybe it has who knows,and all I do care is that I do feel like doing some creativity.We have had a little cooler weather this weekend also,and the BEST of ALL we celebrated my youngest granddaughter's FIRST birthday which is tomorrow,but celebrated it Saturday too work with everyone's schedule,but it was nice and she enjoyed it.Didn't tear into the cake,she is already a Divia,didn't want to get her outfit dirty,lololo and she danced with Chuck E Cheese,the older girlies also seemed to enjoy it also.The "Hello Kitty" cake was beautiful,I may have to copy the pic from my daughter and share it on here.But I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and remember smile.

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