Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Stormy Day & MS Awareness Month

Today is another one of those days we are keeping our eyes and ears to the Weather.I am so feeling it also.Yesterday evening I had to do laundry,so I decided to stay downstairs while my 1st load washed and dried.I had the hubby home,so it was a good time,since he could stay upstairs with our granddaughter.I found alot of treasures we had stored,one was a box of 45 records,yes those 45 vinyl things that played on a stereo with a needle.Roberta Flack,Three Dog Night and get the idea.A capadomate piece,a porcelain box with roses on the lid,and then the craft stuff,yes I knew they were down there just had no idea of all the ribbons down there,but still not want I need to fix my curtains for the bathroom to put on a canvas dropcloth.I will put that on here when I get to that project.I made more red tats last night,almost enough to make a doily with,yeah my very first doily.But anyway need to get something done,more tats,lololo and keep an eye an ear to the Weather Channel.Hope everyone does the same thing here in the Tennessee and Ohio Valley.And I know with all that it is hard to smile,but know you can.

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