Monday, March 19, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons

I always try to fight and fight hard,had a good weekend even thou my MS is fighting me head on,but I will win this battle.Had a wonderful time watching my granddaughters Saturday at the Resort,and even warm enough that they opened the Lazy River.They had such a wonderful time,and it makes one heart feel better to see big smiles on such small precious faces.I worked with my tatting when I have felt like it.I have made some earrings that I am letting dry with fabric stiffener.This wonderful warm weather has me wondering what in the world is going on,we never have weather this warm in the hills of Tenn. in March.And of course we are having a storm or 2 along but nothing like a couple of weeks ago.I still haven't worked on my burlap curtains,just haven't felt like going out an looking for the trim,maybe tomorrow,the walk will do me good I know,I hope.But just a reminder please everyone remember the American Red Cross,they are helping so many people with all this terrible storms,and they are usually one of the first and last to be on the scene,this is close to my heart since last year when all those tornadoes were here in our area.No more to say except smile,because maybe you will make someone else have a better day.Smiles back at you.Will post pics of my makings later.

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