Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Beautiful Day

Today is just beautiful,the sun is high,there is wind blowing the trees and pollen,oh yes pollen,but nothing can take the beauty away today.Went out this morning with my 2 beautiful daughters to another town,oh yes to be broken out,hahaha.We so enjoyed the drive and each other.Worked a little on tatting last night,watched Toy Story 3 with my granddaughter,and almost cried,I know silly mamaw,but we enjoyed it thou.We never know just what simple things in life can bring such smiles to our faces,we just never know and we will not if we don't give life a chance once in a while.Got to find my camera,I am always misplacing it,oh well it will show up,know it is in this house somewhere.I hope you find some enjoyment in your busy schedules today to find that smile and if only for a moment a peace of mind.And remember to smile,it does get catchy.Have a Wonderful and Blessed day.

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